Now We Aren’t Sure What to Do


Photo courtesy of Mary Meghan Mabus of Mabus Photography |

One of the biggest reasons, I think, we wanted a new house is so that we could have space to create things, shape to fit us and a space to incubate community.
A big part of that for me is creating things. As soon as we decided to buy this house I immediately began thinking about a big farm table and a fence and a chicken coup.

We will use this blog to keep track of our lives, marriage and adventure and also the projects we take on in the house. We’ll probably link it up to Pinterest and have lots of DIY posts.

Dixie Dog

Dixie Dog

The first project I know I’ll undertake is the building of a fence so that our puppy can have some space to run free.

I don’t want to build a full 7-foot fence because I don’t want neighbors and community members to think of us as reserved and guarded. I’m thinking about a 4-foot fence. And in order to save money as well as create an atmosphere of openness I’m thinking about incorporating wire into a wooden fence.

Something like this:

This fence combines galvanized hog wire with a wood panel. It looks nice, keeps the yard feeling open and saves money since you can get a 100 feet for $50.

The second project will be a nice long farm table with some wooden benches so we can have people over for feasts like a king or the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty.

After that I’m getting some chicken and building a coup, preferably something that looks like it came from a William Sanoma magazine.

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