We bought a 100-year-old house

The House

After a few months of marriage we started talking about the pros and cons of renting and owning.

We kept coming back to the idea that neither of us knew what went in to buying or house or if two twenty-five-year-old kids are allowed to buy a house.

I e-mailed a few realtors in Tupelo, asking them if they had an agent who was especially adept at working with young folks and their first purchases.

Keith Henley was the first to get back to me and told me to contact the people over at Curchill Mortgage who could tell me how much house I could afford and begin my pre-approval process.

We found out that you don’t have to be rich to buy a house, you just need to have some credit history.

As we began the pre-approval process we looked at a few houses online but weren’t looking to buy anything – we just wanted the assurance that we could buy a house if the opportunity or house presented itself.

The very first house we visited was a 100-year-old cottage in Verona, a small city south of Tupelo. It went on the market about three days after my pre-approval came through.

It is the most charming house with those beautiful old wood floors and is in such great shape.

April was very skeptical of moving out of our cozy little spot in downtown Tupelo and was sure she didn’t want to buy the first house we saw but as soon as she walked inside she started using possessive plural pronouns.

We made an offer the last week of May and heard back the next day that our offer was accepted.

We were excited and celebrated with guacamole and margaritas.

The next day we were pretty overwhelmed and began the process of finishing our loan approval.

We had to get the house inspected which was really cool and went really well.

We used McCay’s Inspections our of New Albany, Miss. and I was thrilled when Mr. McCay took me through my crawl space and attic and all the appliances to show me what all I had, what improvements and maintenance I should do and anything I should be concerned with.

I mostly enjoyed just getting to see this new house that we were going to make our home.

The neat thing about the buying process is finding out that we could get a house. We love to work and craft ways to improve our living arrangements and now we can really take ownership of those improvements. We’ll also have to take real ownership of anything that goes wrong.

I was telling a friend it’s a cool feeling to be able to say, “Let’s tear this wall down,” and totally be able to do it. We will not, however, be tearing any walls down.

As of now, April is packing vigilantly and enlisting my help when she can. We have a box fort in our living room but it’s nice to know where everything is.

“Hey honey, have you seen my… You know what, it’s in the box.”

We’ll be having a moving party on the 27th after we close and hope to get moved in during the last weekend in June.

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