Estoy Aqui

I’m here, I promise. Just had a little hesitancy about what to write first so I just left this here, reading other blogs and becoming more intimidated by how they were about lofty, important things and my brain couldn’t come up with something impressive. So silly. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want. Right??

I wanted to start up blogging again because my friends are (literally) across this globe. You may think I’m exaggerating, but when you spend a year traveling around the world and are friends with missions-minded people, it happens.

In case you’re unaware, I’ve recently had some big life changes. I got married in November and moved to Tupelo, Mississippi– the birthplace of Elvis, among other things (including healthiest city in the state!). I was caught up in the romance of it all, after a whirlwind courtship & engagement, being whisked away by this handsome man…

…that it took me by surprise to suddenly be living in a small Mississippi town. At 35,000 it really isn’t that small, but with no Target and everyone knowing everything about everyone else, it seems that way. The first few weeks were hard, adjusting to this Southern life (I have learned that Texas does not fit into this category. It’s just TEXAS)– everyone has an accent, calls people “Miss ____” and “Mr. ____”, lots of “ma’am-ing” and “sir-ing”, meat & threes, pimento cheese, and sweet tea that causes instant insulin resistance.  And sadly, still a lot of racism. More on that later.

On a trip to the Greenwood a few weeks ago, I finally conceded to enjoying this unfamiliar habitat. I told JB in the car, “Alright…. I kinda like Tupelo.”

I had slightly been holding it against him that he took me away from my parents, friends, and vastness of the Metroplex, but now I’ve fallen a little bit in love with this town. I have met so many wonderful people that I’m quite fond of, and love how community is so important to my fellow North Mississippians. In fact, I think I’ve been to more community events in my last 4 months here than I ever did in ole Colleyville. I suppose it’s hard to be involved citizens when you live in a place that’s just a sea of suburbs smashed in between two massive cities. You can’t tell where the towns begin & end, and I’m not even sure anyone cares.

Also, JB had already kindly joined a church that happens to be very April-friendly (extremely difficult to obtain that status). We have been going to Origins and recently got involved in serving more, JB helping with music and me with the kids. Everyone is there to love people well, and that’s something I can get on board with. Plus, our motto is “Nobody belongs here more than you”. Pretty awesome, eh?

my hubs being a rock start

my hubs being a rock star

So, that’s that.

I’m a bit sad about having an adult Spring Break (aka work as usual), but isn’t it funny how I’ve already spent two Spring Breaks in Mississippi? Both were Habitat trips in college that were both fun and sunburn-y

2010 in Bay St. Louis
2008 in Biloxi, MS

Does that count as a coincidence?


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