182 Days

182 days

Equals six months of being married, official on Saturday. (Which is one month more than the time of our dating & engagement combined) We’ve been learning and growing together and having lots of fun whilst doing boring, adult things like health insurance and making a real budget.  I am 75% done with my name change! There never seems to be a time when going to the DMV is ideal…and I don’t think there ever will be. Probably just holding on to that little bit of Texas to cling to :)

I am horrible at blogging when there’s actually internet & electricity (I was mildly disciplined at it while on the World Race), but am going to make a sincere effort to start again. We’ve been up to the usual work/church/being married schedule, but there’s a few new things I want to share:

This spring, we signed up to do a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with our friends at Native Son Farm. That means we get a half-share of vegetables every other week from their cute farm stand


We are being stretched to think outside the box to include all this fresh produce to our diets. It’s been really fun so far, and we love the fact that we know our farmers and call them friends.

Be on the lookout for a CSA experiment post!

We also just returned from a beach trip to Destin! I had never been before, but loved the white beaches & the fact that school wasn’t out yet (no crowds). I learned that the beach makes me antsy and I’m decently good at putt putt!

(Sorry for the low quality photos)


how I entertained myself for about 2 hours.. lots of seashells!


homemade ceviche with fresh caught seafood!


my boo.


I also got to meet up with two of my T squad friends–Charlotte was kind enough to let us hog little Penelope for half the afternoon and we got to pick up Lindsey from the airport! A lovely reunion of catching up after readjusting to America for the last year and a half.



so. cute.

Will be sharing more soon!

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