Celebrating Six Months in the River City

Last Wednesday, I gently reminded JB that our 6 months was coming up, and that he should “probably do or say something sweet”. Sure, we have date nights every week and have gone out to our share of fancy dinners since being married, but I really miss the “dating” dates. You know, when you use all your creative juices to impress the other person. And no one is talking about the budget or work or anything of importance– just holding hands and sneaking off to find places to make out [just me? okay ;) ].

Since Sunday is our only day off together, JB warned me to have Sunday afternoon free, and kept everything very “hush-hush” so as to keep it a surprise. We got home from church, and he told me to change into comfortable shoes. I was suspicious…..We drove north, listening to a new Radiolab and reminiscing about high school via Relient K’s “mmhmm” album.



Before I knew it, we were in Memphis! I’ve only spent brief spurts of time there, at night and just downtown, so I wasn’t sure of my opinion yet. We had so much fun!

First, the Memphis Zoo. There were a zillion people there, and there was a humidity index of about 90%, but it was fun seeing the animals (and my favorite, people watching!).



Some days, I wish I were a panda. Who doesn’t like them?


the hippo made me nervous, though. I read this article a few weeks ago and am very distrustful of their unassuming cuteness


We had a lengthy conversation on how great it would be to be a cheetah– to just run all day, and have it come so naturally to you. We both run with such begrudging disdain :)


((our next stop was a visit to Jerry’s snow cones, but I failed to check the hours and was sorely disappointed to find they are closed on Sundays. boo))

The next part of the date was unpredictable, especially since I don’t know my way around Memphis and couldn’t guess what we were headed to. JB pulled up to the restaurant where we had our first date!


I still remember how nervous I was to meet him in Little Rock–what would we talk about? Is he going to kiss me? What if I burp? (a very real concern). But, as with most things I worry about, everything went perfectly. Though I couldn’t decide whether or not to be dainty and ladylike or assertive and decisive when approaching my goat cheese & black bean tamale.

Image((way too much food))

We split a Hunter Pizza (duck confit craziness) and Eggplant Manicotti as well as trying some of their tasty beers.  So thankful to (sort of) recreate our first meal together!

Ended the night with some delicious gelato across the street and rode home listening to Mae’s “Everglow”.


A perfect way to celebrate 6 months

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