What We’re About

Clark BrandWe are JB and April Clark. We got married in November of 2012 and you can read more about it in in the “Our Story” section of this blog if you’re interested.

April has been blogging for a while about her adventures on the World Race, her job hunt in DFW and being married to me. I have blogged a little myself but since I write everyday at a newspaper I usually get tired of it quickly.

When we bought our house, we thought it would be fun to write about all the projects and maintenance a 100-year old house will require. It will hopefully serve as an entertaining, an update to our friends and family and maybe even a DIY guide for someone.

She’s been writing about the fun and also challenging sides of being a newlywed and her adventures with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. We get a box of veggies every-other week from our friends’ farm and they aren’t always vegetables people cook with regularly. She’ll post a fun recipe every week or so.

A little about who we are:

We’re both in our mid-twenties and live in Tupelo, MS, the birthplace of Elvis. We actually live a mile outside of Tupelo in Verona, MS where we just bought our new house.

I moved to Tupelo in February of 2012 and then April moved in November of 2012, after the wedding. She came here from the DFW area, and I came from Memphis.

April has multiple jobs, including being a barista & sandwich runner at Cafe 212, administrative assistant at our church, an essential oils consultant, and is starting up her own doula business. I work at the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, writing about crime and the justice system.

We are heavily involved at Origins, a small church in town for people who don’t like church. April is on staff part-time helping to keep everything organized and working with the children’s ministry. I slap the bass in the praise band.

Tupelo isn’t where either of us thought we would be, even after getting married, but we’ve plugged into such a great group of people and really love the community around us.

What do expect:

We meant to stick to a strict schedule to provide you with lots of reading material for the week, but have been falling short of even writing one post a week! Our posts are a combination of DIY, misadventures in home ownership, the little intricacies of marriage, and our favorite forms of media. We hope you enjoy what you read!

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