We moved in!

This Thursday we officially became homeowners. I spent the day being a little nervous that something would fall through, that somehow our money wouldn’t work or they would find out that we didn’t fit some sort of age requirement. My brain’s favorite pastime is to make up things worry about, of course.


all packed up and ready to go!

We both headed to work that morning, but JB left early to make a quick Oxford trip for the certified check from our credit union before going with Keith to the final walk through. We both met up at the attorney’s office at 2:00 to sign all the necessary paper work (who knew there was so much?), and wait until it was official. We got to meet the seller, Diane, a sweet lady that told us how much she still loved the house and shared some of her memories she had with her daughter there. At around 3:30 the paperwork went through and we left with the keys in our hands! I still felt that we needed some sort of adult chaperone–who sells a house to kids?


We started loading up the cars (HUGE thanks to the Hickmans for letting us borrow the truck & trailer!), and got everything moved in about 3 hours. People just showed up,  filled up their vehicles, and made the drive to our new house to unload. We picked up some Papa John’s, snacks, and tasty beverages and had a moving break, sitting on the hardwood floors and talking about where everything would go.


At first I thought everyone would just drop everything off and leave us to our own defenses, but Riley was rallying for “Clark Nation” and we got a ton of things done. Both beds got set up with sheets by the end of the night, most of the kitchen stuff got unpacked and somewhat put away, we got our clothes hanging in the right closets, dressers in their respective homes, and the boys made sure to break in our front porch swing with a beer or two 🙂


our crazy messy kitchen

Needless to say, after much needed showers we both fell right to sleep.

We love our friends so much and are beyond thankful for all the help we received with such an undesirable task.

Special Thanks to:

Juan Carlos

Mary Meghan

Cody & Amy



Lauren & Justin


Ali Ballard

Tony & Isaac


Jason McAnally

Ben White

& Liz


for making our move happen smoothly & easily. We are so grateful for your help and can’t wait to have y’all over for a real party where the only work will be to play cornhole 🙂

3 responses to “We moved in!

  1. So happy for you guys…I love your house…Can’t wait to get the chance to come visit again, but this time to stay in YOUR house

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