The Farmhouse Table Project


  My first big project after moving was to build my beautiful wife a farmhouse style table where we could have big dinners with our friends. I looked at this website, and just stared at the two different plans for a week, dreading all of the work that would go into the it. I researched dowels and pocket holes. I lost sleep. The table began to take over my consciousness and with a trip to Dallas on the horizon, I knew I had to do something rash.

I got off work, picked up April and headed to Home Depot–we bought $150 in lumber and about $50 in tools. I knew if I made the purchases I would have to build the table, and I really wanted to take advantage of my day off before our big trip.  The first night we cut the lumber, drilled the holes for the dowels and glued the table top boards together. It was hard work so we went to bed and vowed to spend the entire next day working on the table.

  The next morning April convinced me (with the help of plenty of pouty faces) to go to a parade and a pool party. So I got to work at like 2 p.m. But, by 8 p.m., the table was constructed and sanding began. We saved the staining for after the Dallas trip.

photo by our friend ali ballard

  The project was super intimidating but once I got rolling and made some cuts, it just flew by and I had a blast.

Make sure you have:
– Circle Saw (and or table saw)
– Jig Saw
– Sturdy Drill
– Pocket Hole Jig (get the one by Kregg, it’s a little more but work the extra bucks).
– Tons of 2″ pocket screws.
– Two cans of stain
– One can of Poly
– Two 2x10s (at the length you want the table).
– Two 2x12s (at the length you want the table).
– Two 2x8s  (at the length you want the table).
– Read the instructions below and follow the link above to see how many 2x4s you need.

Table Instructions

IMG_2510 IMG_2514IMG_2515



3 responses to “The Farmhouse Table Project

  1. Looks beautiful! You rightly deserve to take pride in such a creation! May it bring lots of joy as you share many meals with family and friends over the years

  2. So cool April! Josh & I just made one like this too, cept ours is “raw” stain color. Love it. It’s such an awesome party table. Good job!

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