This Week In Marriage: No Man Is An Island [part one of many]

Throughout our dating relationship and marriage so far (which is just a little over a year), we have had so many people around us that have helped in a multitude of ways. For any of our readers that think we accomplished a fun wedding, healthy marriage and a house of our own all by ourselves, you’re highly mistaken.


From day one, before we started dating, there were unknown amounts of people praying for our future marriage. Let’s be honest, neither of us could have dreamed up how our lives would connect again (Well, JB claims that he always knew he would marry me). JB was happy to grow into his ideal man- a cynical, oft misanthropic writer that was just a little mad at the world, while I was still reeling from my experiences from the World Race and how to apply what I’d learned there & at college to my career. We didn’t see it coming.


So, here’s some shoutouts to those people and other entities we’re eternally grateful for. You have helped us fall in love and get married in a world where commitment is quickly waning.


I suppose this will have to become a series…we’ll call this part “Dating Anniversary Edition”.


To the Texas Rangers, thanks for having a game on June 23.

To whoever invented Father’s Day, thanks for making a day where kids would buy their dad baseball tickets to a stadium states away.

To the city of LIttle Rock, thanks for having a romantic boardwalk where we had our first kiss. And for being cooler than I ever thought possible.

To Boscoe’s Restaurant, thanks for brewing tasty beers that gave me the courage to hold JB’s hand.

To Justin Haynes and Emily Nance, thanks for being our chaperones and providing couches for us to crash.

To my favorite white Prius, thanks for making it possible to drive an inordinate amount of hours to visit my beau, on a barista’s budget.

To Chelsea & Andrew Habermas, thanks for letting me crash your wedding and have an excuse to be in Shreveport.

To Carrie Hokanson, thanks for being my wingman and letting me flake out on taking you back to Dallas 🙂

To Apple, thank you for inventing FaceTime. It really is better than Skype

To the Internet, I love you very much. 

To Buon Giorno, thank you for giving me a flexible schedule and for all the great people I go to meet while working there. Also for teaching me how to be a coffee snob.

To our parents, thanks for believing in us and not discouraging us when we decided to get married faster than usual.

To Chianti’s, thanks for having a ridiculously romantic atmosphere and for offering escargot. Also, thanks for giving me fodder to make fun of JB when he couldn’t properly pronounce your name.

To Papa & Grandma Clark, thanks for hosting us and providing separate rooms so there’d be no hanky panky. Also for all the casino buffets.

To Michelle & Jerry Clark, thanks for raising a great man and sharing him with me.

To the city of Tupelo, thanks for being a good place to visit and being one of the coolest cities in Mississippi.

To Origins church and all the people who serve there– thanks for giving me the promise of community and authenticity.

To Dixie Dunkerton Clark, you are my favorite puppy and a loveable mess. Thanks for liking me right off the bat.





((To be continued….))


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