Coming alongside one another

April came alongside me and helped me practice softball.

April came alongside me and helped me practice softball.

In relationships and marriage, I feel a lot of times people expect the other person to carve out a special time each day, week or month for real one-on-one attention. I think that’s probably especially true for women.

That’s a great expectation, all relationships need one-on-one face-to-face time to thrive.

One thing I’ve really come to enjoy though are the times when April comes alongside me in what I’m doing. If I’m working in the yard and April comes to pick up some weeds or Monday when I was building a bench to go with our table she grabbed a sander and got to work.

I think that’s my love language – doing stuff together.

In the real world we all get really busy and it’s often time difficult to set aside time to go do things together. Just tonight we were talking about going to try on some new jeans and see our friend Bobby at work but by the time we both got off work and finished working out, it was almost 9 p.m.

One thing we know is we’ll both be doing something around the house. April might be crafting or writing or I might be building or doing the dishes.

My favorite moments are when we combine forces and try to know out our to-do lists together.

That time is then doubly valuable to me because I spent time doing things I need to get done and at the same time I spent time with my wife or friend or whoever it is that came alongside me.

Coming alongside someone when they’re doing their chores or something they love to do, I think, shows that you are interested in what they’re doing because you’re interested in them – even if it’s something you don’t love yourself.

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