Fall fellowship

I have the pleasure of working for a really cool magazine called Mud & Magnolias, a southern lifestyle magazine my newspaper began publishing last year. The editorial board is varied in age and interests so we have a fairly good grasp on diversity of content. Putting together each issue is a lot of fun because we pick a theme, this last one’s theme was fall and camping, and then each bring our own background to that theme in picking out and assigning content.

Since the issue had a camping/outdoor/fall theme, the staff decided in September to shoot a good chunk of the magazine’s photos in a sort of campout/cookout photo shoot in our backyard. It was one of the first times we had a group of folks over to eat and fellowship, even though it was technically work.

We had a great time. Everyone brought a recipe that can be cooked over a campfire and we made a fire and took pictures of all the food. We set up the farmhouse table with some of our flowers that were blooming in the backyard. As we photographed the food, we ate it and had a great time. The photos turned out beautiful thanks to the very talented Lauren Wood. Here is one she took of the table.

Table Shoot Lauren Shoot Flower Arrangement

Farm table 03

After the shoot we stayed up past midnight in the kitchen on a work night just talking and laughing. April finally got really tired and started putting her hands together by her head, making bed time sign language. It was a fond memory of one of the first times we had guests after our house was put together. I love nothing more than when people leave my house with a full tummy and a full heart. It was multiplied since we got a lot of great work done too.


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