looks like someone’s making some life changes…


It’s tradition for me to change my hairstyle whenever I make big life changes. Going on a trip to India tomorrow? Stop by walmart and chop off your hair because that’s the only thing that’s open. Ready to change your attitude about school and start fresh with a new semester? Grab some fiskers and a ruler and hack it off in the bathroom mirror. Ready to make a career change? Visit Amy Hickman, get you some “aut-ombre”, and leave feeling unbelievably pretty.  [[all true stories]]  Many of you who are close in proximity to us are privy to the changes that have been going on in our lives for the past month or so. Now it’s time to share with all of the interwebs!

You may know that I started working for Cafe 212 when I moved here last November. It was a great way to transition from Texas, as my position was similar to the one I had at Buon Giorno and it was a job I could pick up easily. I was so thankful for their willingness to hire me right away (I had the job within 5 days of moving here), and thankful for the steady income that came from working there.

But let’s be honest. This is not what I was meant to do. 

When I came back from the World Race 2 years ago, I had to do quite a bit of soul searching. I left right after graduating from Texas A&M, and after having your world turned upside down by seeing poverty, prostitution, and corruption your worldview changes a little bit. One of the reasons I went on the Race was because I had no idea what to do next (a wonderful cowardly reason to go do missions!), and I hadn’t really found my answer in one of the 11 countries. After attending Project: Searchlight, I had finally decided on a career combining my nutrition degree, compassion, and obsession with all things baby– become a doula! When I got home, I spent the entirety of my travel reimbursement on attending a DONA doula training in Richardson, held in just two weeks. I learned so much during my training, and was inspired to educate and advocate right away, but….. the DFW metroplex is a big and scary place. It’s home to over 7 million people and I had no idea where to start! I’ve heard of other doulas mentoring new ones, and was hoping I would find myself in that situation. I didn’t do much more than hope, so nothing happened.  

 My time at home in Texas was very valuable and special to me. Yes, I was living in my parent’s house, and yes, I didn’t have a “real” job, but I am so thankful for the flexibility, encouragement, and friendship that came from being a BG employee. If I had a legit 9-5, I wouldn’t have been able to date JB without getting fired for taking too much time off work. It would have been a lot harder to plan a wedding within my 3 month engagement if I didn’t have a flexible schedule or coworkers who were more than willing to help out. But in reality, I was putting off what I was meant to do.

It happened again once I moved here. Working at 212 has been the “safe” option, a predictable source of income that is just another way to put off what I’m supposed to be doing. This summer, JB and I had a continual conversation about what my next steps would be– what sacrifices need to be made, what needs to be cut out of our budget, how he can best encourage me on this next venture. [by the way, he should be a life coach. He has been so great at encouraging me and pushing me to attain this dream. You should inquire about his services :)]

So here we are! I cut back my hours at 212, have been connecting with all sorts of organizations around Tupelo–Providence House & North Mississippi Birthing Project, next are Parkgate and Family Resource Center– and have begun the journey to do what I was made for. I have my first client due in the beginning of December and couldn’t be more excited.

In addition to being a doula, I have also started an essential oil business! I’m selling doTERRA essential oils and so far it has been a lot of fun and a big learning experience. We haven’t taken ibuprofen in months now, and turn to these certified pure grade oils for aches & pains, “green” cleaning, and also to make our laundry smell crazy good! You can visit my doTERRA website to learn more and browse these magical bottles.

I have my own website! You can visit healthyandwhole.co and marvel at how much you like the template I picked, since I haven’t put the finishing touches on it yet…ha.

We are both ready to (finally) start this new adventure and hope you’ll follow along!


4 responses to “looks like someone’s making some life changes…

  1. That is exciting when you finally start making the changes that you need to make to do what you were really made to do!

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