Read | Watch | Listen– September & October 2013

Since we both did a little slacking over the summer & start of the school year, here’s two months worth of RWL. Hope you enjoy!


On Gold Mountain by Lisa See- (April)I had read a book by this author a few years ago, and was very intrigued by her ability to capture Chinese American culture in the early 1900s. It is a historical fiction of sorts, but also entangles her own family history of racism, surviving during the war, and the moving and changing of Chinese culture. I’m actually about 75% done with this book, but have been reading as much as I can every night, but heavy eyelids always win out. Definitely a recommend.

10 Second Rule by Clare deGraaf- (April) Haven’t actually finished this book, but are in the midst of reading it together with our Village group. An encouraging set of essays to help you not overthink and just DO what the Spirit prompts you to. An eye opening lesson on how selfish we are and how Jesus calls us to come out of our comfort zone to let others in.

I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman – (JB) Klosterman is hilarious and his essays are always on point. This book is a little different. He usually writes about his views on pop culture but this book is a series of essays that take a very interesting look at villainy and evil. He asks some very interesting questions about Batman contrasted to real life vigilantes. He also talks about how one of the most evil people in his life was a kid he played against at basketball camp as a 13-year-old. That kid grew up to be a great pitcher and one of the first and few people to bring up steroid use in baseball year after year – showing villainy can often be subjective. Definitely check it out.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl – (JB)Don Miller read this book and started the Storyline conference and so after Storyline I read it and it’s so inspiring. Frankl was a neurologist who believed man woke up not to seek power or pleasure (as was the common thought when he was writing) but purpose and a purpose that serves other. He survived Auschwitz, where his original manuscript of the book was destroyed. It’s part memoir about the Holocaust and part psychology textbook but all fascinating and beneficial. And like 200 pages, so it’s very digestible and rereadable.


College Football- (April) Saturdays have become football days in the Clark house. I for one, have never enjoyed watching football. Even when I was required to attend, via dance team, I just chatted with my friends and maybe paid attention for the last 5 minutes. Since moving to SEC country, I have realized that my football watching capabilities needed a little more discipline… we haven’t had the opportunity to watch a game all the way through, due to commitments and jobs, but we did get to watch the Ole Miss vs. LSU game in Oxford! My first SEC game, and it was just as magical as I hoped it would be….still so proud that the Rebels won! But more proud that the Aggies beat the Rebels — gotta get that prime real estate on the Christmas tree again this year.


the two of us at the game… glad we were out of the Grove craziness!

Usual Fall Programming:(April) New Girl, Mindy Project, Top Chef, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec, The Walking Dead. This makes it sound like we watch TV in every waking moment, but we are behind in all of these, except Homeland, of course. You can’t put that stuff off– Carrie is entirely too crazy to wait in DVR land. I also fall more in love with Mindy Kaling with each passing day. She’s my ultimate lady crush!

World War Z – (JB) We wrote not too long ago about how great the book was and were honestly skeptical that the movie could come close… but Brad Pitt always delivers . The movie was also a lot different from the book so you can enjoy them both separately of each other and should.

Brooklyn 99– (April) JB wanted to start watching this show, but I was skeptical, as I am about most sitcoms. I don’t know if that makes me a horrible person, but I really hate sitcoms! Too much cheesy, too much laugh track, weirdly planned jokes. But I’m in love with this show! The characters are unique and weird in their own ways, and it’s not too crime-y, which I expected. You should watch!

Downton Abbey– (April) Love being back in the Abbey! For those Americans who don’t know about, you can watch downton episodes the day after they play in the UK! I just can’t wait until the Spring when they show over here…. especially after the season finale ended last year. There’s plenty of drama and scandal as usual, and JB is probably always wondering what is putting me in such a tizzy when I watch with my headphones. I am so attached to each of the characters and am probably too involved, so emotions become a factor sometimes 🙂

Some Netflix/ HBOgo happenings:

Sherlock-(April) if you have not seen this show, begin tonight! A brilliantly put together show placing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character in a modern set up with the same personality and trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson. I loved the plot twists and following the mysteries all the way to their solution, but am sad that Season 3 will not be released for another year or two.

Big Love– (April)I watched this show with my mom when it started, but never finished because who has money for HBO in college? When we got our cable set up for our new house it was such a headache to deal with the cable guy/living in the “country”, that JB convinced them to give us some hbogo to make up for it! I finally got to to finish the series, and I remember what intrigued me so much about watching this show. I am so fascinated by all things Mormon, especially polygamy, and enjoyed watching each episode, usually while cooking dinner or painting the shutters.

Sister Wives– (April) after my Big Love binge, I was left with wanting quell my curiosity for all things “plyg”. Not that I would ever choose that lifestyle, but who isn’t fascinated by how they make it work?? How can one man deal with four separate wives, with all their emotions and manipulating? This series follows a real polygamist family living in Utah and later Las Vegas, and the hardships and struggles they go through in their family of 22. The wives are smart, independent, and have their own separate personalities and their husband seems to handle it all with flying colors. Very interesting look into a life very different from my own.

The Heat– (April)hilarious. watch it. Sandra Bullock is basically the same character she played on “Miss Congeniality”, which is completely fine with me. Melissa McCarthy is a comic genius and the two of them together had me in stitches the whole movie. Watch this!!


Storyline– (April) I suppose this isn’t technically a “listen”, but I had to include it in this list somewhere. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend this conference, you are missing out! A life changing and inspiring experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. Hard to explain, but so worth going.

foshochestra– (April) our friend Tony was playing at the Blue Canoe last week in this band, so we took a little trip over to support him. I loved their music! funky, bluesy, perfect.

Cannon Blue – (JB) This orchestral pop band had a free record, Rumspringa, on a while back and it took me a while to get past the first song but my goodness this band makes some of the most pleasing sounds. The songs are very well layered and seem more built than written.

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