our first anniversary!

We celebrated our first anniversary on November 18th and had a wonderful weekend reminding ourselves of why we’re married and love each other (because sometimes we need reminding!).

It started off by surprising JB with tickets to the Ole Miss vs. Tennessee Hockey Game at the BanCorpSouth Arena. JB used to play hockey, and I knew he’d love me willingly taking him to an Ole Miss sporting event .


That Sunday I had concocted a scheme to surprise JB by renewing our vows during church. Origins has become like our second family here in Tupelo, and none of them had the opportunity to come to our wedding. Though we love all our wedding guests, I wanted to renew our promises and invite our current community in to join in our marriage. JB was playing on stage before the offering, and Jason sneakily called me up– I handed him the vows to read, and I was nervous and shaking the whole time! I’m glad he still makes me weak in the knees.


also jason & melissa are the cutest..




After church we packed up and headed to Tishimingo State Park! We had been planning on camping for our anniversary and though it was rainy and chilly, I was still looking forward to setting up the camp and roughin’ it with my man.

We went over our vows in the car ride on the way, making sure we’re keeping our promises and offering ways the other could improve.


We finally got there at around 5, and I was putting my best pretend excitement face on. Putting up a tent in the dark, rainy cold wasn’t something I wanted to do on our anniversary, but I knew we would have fun as long as were together. After we checked in, JB drove us to a cabin! A nice, warm cabin with a fireplace and screened-in porch. Best husband ever!


We put on our headlamps and headed out for a little hike before it got too dark,


and raced our sticks under the bridge (I won, naturally).


When we got back, JB cooked us chorizo tacos while I went over our first year goals and we brainstormed ours for the second year. Last years goals included running a half marathon, having date nights every week, and going on some sort of adventure every month. We definitely accomplished those!


We winded down with reading and fancy pipe smoking on the porch before heading to bed in our cozy cabin…


Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, we both decided to go with it and surprise each other. Though both of our gifts ended up being late to arrive, it was fun to wait. JB got me a blown up print from our wedding and we put it up in the foyer. So pretty and special to remember that day!


My mom shipped us the top layer of our cake since it had been living in her freezer for the past year. It managed the trip pretty well,IMG_4142

And tasted pretty good, too!


We had an interesting, challenging, and fun first year and can’t wait for 70 more!


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