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JB  has been on a roll with the quality of posts he’s been writing, but I, the unprofessional and unaccredited writer, just wanted to catch the blogosphere up with what’s going on in our everyday. Here’s 5 things, neatly listed and numbered because everyone loves a good list:

1. We are still living in our precious old house and love it, even with all the fights we had this winter. The house was built to survive summer (high ceilings, big windows, more shotgun-style), and doesn’t know how to survive the chilly winter we had. There were creative ways to keep warm [April=stay in one chair, under blankets, directly next to the gas heater from November-March], as our central heat isn’t really up to par, and we aren’t made of money. It was a learning experience to say the least, and our plan is to take a peak under the house this summer to see if we can insulate it better somehow. We haven’t had many big projects lately, as we are short on time and funds, but the long days of summer will bode well for DIYs and spruce-ups. Stay tuned.

2. We were both in school this semester– and one of us quit. JB took on a few more grad-level classes at Ole Miss, and rocked them, but has subsequently decided what’s best for his writing career is to just write and not mess around with silly assignments that cost money. I began my slow and steady journey towards becoming a nurse-midwife! I decided to enroll at Itawamba Community College in December as my first step. To enroll in any nursing program in Mississippi, you are required to have two classes that my Texas A&M Bachelor’s Degree did not require–Public Speaking and College Algebra. So back to school I went! I also signed up for A&P online to improve my grade, and I’m happy to say I made a 4.0 this semester! I realized that I dearly missed being in school, and also REALLY enjoyed community college. People watching ON POINT, y’all.

stickers AND extra credit? yes please.

The next step is to get into their nursing program, which will be decided in about two weeks time. Though my GPA and ACT scores are in the higher range, I’m so paranoid that I missed something, or forgot a form, or they will just not like me. JB says I’m a shoe-in. I’ll let you know.

3. We had our half-aversery! As of May 18th, we have officially been married for 1.5 years. We worked on a lot of our “issues” this semester (namely, me trying to not be so obnoxious…ha) and have learned and grown by leaps and bounds in understanding, communicating, and respecting one another in specific ways. I’m sure we will write about our journey in more detail soon, but I’m just glad I decided to marry my best friend.

made for each other

4. It’s summer! And we’re doing all sorts of summery things. Since becoming a “grown up”, I have had to lay to rest all sorts of fun kid things, like going to bed late and eating junk food (wait….just kidding. I still do that). One of the saddest things about being an adult is when the calendar reads June-August, it doesn’t mean extra freedom or adventures, but rather just a higher A/C bill to pay. Luckily, we are having REAL summer adventures! In two weeks, we are having an empty-nester-hooray-weekend with the big Clarks and crew at a lake house in Tuscaloosa. It always makes me a little nervous to spend a whole weekend with 4 boys around, but JB’s mom is a great ally to hide from all the farting, sports, and wrestling. I’m mostly upset that I have to wear a bra the whole time. boo.

can’t imagine what kind of trouble these four will get up to…

In mid-July, we are headed down to Orange Beach to spend a weekend with JB’s best friend & wife in their family’s timeshare condo. This is a big deal because they live in England. We were sad to miss their wedding in the UK last September, and are looking forward to quality time catching up, swapping marriage advice, and drinking tea and using terms like “Hoover-ing”.

please marvel at how precious they are

Many of you know about our little brother, Rickiea. We’ve just wrapped up our first year of being his siblings in Big Brothers Big Sisters, and wanted to do something really special for him before he goes off into big-scary-middle-school and might turn into some sort of large, hormonal monster full of insecurity. We know that he’s never been on a plane, might not have traveled outside of North Mississippi, and has a mom that works hard at 2 jobs and loves him to pieces. So, knowing that we need to go back to Texas before the summer ends, we decided to show him the Lone Star State! We have a good amount of points on our reward card that will get us a good deal on flights, and are planning on hitting up Six Flags, a Rangers Game, possibly the Ft. Worth Zoo, and as many art museums as possible (Rickiea is a big art buff). We made a deal with him that he has to read 8 books before we leave, including his required summer reading, so it will be a big reward before he has to go back to school at the beginning of August.

all the little brothers at an Ole Miss baseball game today

5. We are attempting to blog everyday for the month of June, whether it’s here or on healthy&whole. The past semester really put us behind on our writing, and there’s such a life-giving discipline that comes from a requirement to write daily. Make sure to check up on both blogs for some fun posts!



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