Read | Watch | Listen – Gone Girl


Fiction is always a bit iffy with me. I’m a little apprehensive to read a fiction book by an author I’m not familiar with, because I can’t stand fiction that “tries too hard.” My favorite kinds of books are usually some sort of investigative journalism – facts with stories and evidence behind them. I had seen this book around and since it had been toted as a “beach read” I didn’t have high expectations when I finally decided to give it a try.

I further solidified my Mississippi citizenship a few weeks ago by obtaining a library card, something I’d been meaning to do for a year or so. I promptly bought about 9 books from the “Friends of the Library” Sale (50 cents each!), and headed over to the audiobooks to stock up for the long drives we had coming up. I chose this one based on the rumors of its scandalousness and popularity, and placed the first CD in my car, not wanting to wait for said long drive.

I loved it.

Gone Girl was an appropriate book to follow East of Eden, as it also had a strong good vs. evil motif that showed up throughout the plot. The first half of the story almost physically hurt me, as the portrayal of how awful and miserable their marriage was stressed me out to no end. The notion of having to move to a po-dunk town after living in New York and losing both of your jobs, while your husband borrows money from you to start a business then have an affair, and you don’t really talk to each other for months? Ugh. I know that marriage is hard sometimes, but still– ya gotta communicate now and then!

I won’t go into too much detail about the second half of the book, so as not to ruin it, but it definitely took me by surprise! I really enjoyed Flynn’s writing style, and care to develop her characters, showing effectively how some are plum crazy. I finished listening to the book on the last leg of our journey to Orange Beach, and caused JB to have some weird nightmares about me going crazy on him…whoops.

A lovely book, though heavy on the language. It will make your blood boil with frustration for both of the main characters, and I can’t guarantee any resolution. Definitely one of those read-before-the-movie books, as the film comes out on my birthday– October 3rd. Plenty of time to sneak this book in before the semester starts again!


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