This Week in Marriage: How Do You Do It? 

Since we started thinking about getting married, both JB and I have been fascinated by other people’s marriages. We wonder what kinds of things they fight about, what they worry about, how they make it work. This mainly stems from the curiosity of “are we normal?” and “what are they doing that we aren’t?”

So instead of just wondering these things, we’re taking things into our own hands and interviewing other couples to understand the differences and similarities. We’re sitting down to a meal and asking deep questions that will hopefully be answered with honesty and transparency. We’ll talk about how they handle money, kids, bedtime, work, chores, and all the other intricacies that make up a marriage. And maybe pick up a few tips along the way 😉

The couple’s identity will remain anonymous to retain their privacy, but we will give some background information along the way to show what kind of people they are (stay at home mom, banker, pastor, etc.). We’ve only just begun the interview process, and can’t wait to invite our friends, acquaintances, and possible nemeses into our home to find out more about them. Let us know if you’re willing to subject yourselves to our intense inquiries!

This series will premier in two weeks time and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you.


2 years ago when JB asked me to be his wife


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