Read|Watch|Listen- Audrey Assad

I’m always partial to those that have alliterative names, as I used to be one of them before JB took my perfect name (jk). I first heard an Audrey Assad song when Melissa performed “Good to Me” at Origins, and I knew I had to look into this girl. Here’s a video of that song:

Audrey has a weird combo Catholic/Protestant background just like me, so I relate to her. I understand and know the best parts of each world, and I’m proud of any effort to embrace that divide. She was raised in a Protestant household, was homeschooled, and converted to Catholicism in 2007. I find that so brave and intriguing, making me curious about about what it was that drew her to Catholicism. Was it the liturgy? The traditions? Transubstantiation? The sacraments?  The awesome tasting wafers? Definitely not the wafers, they taste like cardboard. 

I suppose I have not been “converted” from one to the other. I enjoy going to Mass from time to time, but I could not imagine going to a church other than Origins. There is such a rich community for me to serve in, and I love the little liturgical aspects of it, like celebrating Advent, weekly communion, and observing Lent. I don’t think I’ll ever fight against one or the other. I’m baptized in both, so I have all my bases covered 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been listening to her newest album, Death, Be Not Proud, and am in love. I don’t have the musical knowledge to tell you about the qualities, but I do know that I like it! Death-Be-Not-Proud

What she says about her new album, according to her website:

“Death, be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so.”
-John Donne-

“This poem from which I quote has steadied my heart for many years, especially when I have brushed up against the reality of death or darkness. This little record is named, Death, Be Not Proud, precisely because it is a small collection of songs about resurrection, hope, and life after death…a gift, I hope, to anyone in need of a reminder that, as Donne so beautifully writes, “death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die.”
-Audrey Assad-

Audrey has a unique songwriting style that exposes her vulnerability and romance for the God she loves. She addresses her songs almost like letters to God, writing to him instead of about him as many worship songs are want to do. She definitely warrants a listen

Read more about Audrey at her blog. 


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