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One of my favorite podcast hosts, Alex Blumberg, who helped create Planet Money and also was a large part of This American Life, quit NPR, WNYC and non-profit radio earlier this year. I was sad. But, he said he had something new in mind.
This month, he launched his new podcast, Startup. It follows him, and he tries to create a new, for-profit, podcast and digital audio company. The podcast is very honest, featuring recordings of candid conversations between him and investors, potential business partners and even his wife, as they struggle through money talks.

If you start now, you can catch up on the first three episodes pretty quickly. The podcast offers a unique look into the awkward and unsexy beginnings of the company. Alex’s idea sounds great, and if anyone can execute a great podcast, it’s him. The problem is, he is trying to get venture capital to raise $1.5 million in order to support bandwidth and staff for 18 months. It turns out, a lot of venture investors aren’t the same type of people as the people who listen to lots of NPR and WNYC radio, forcing him to look at different avenues and revenue streams.

Alex Blumberg

Alex Blumberg

“After years of reporting on other people’s businesses, I decided to start my own.
This show follows what happens next – my difficult journey from man to businessman. It’s a classic start-up story, but one that’s recorded in real time.
I’ve documented disastrous pitches to investors, difficult conversations with my wife, and tense negotiations with my co-founder. The result is an honest, transparent account of something that happens all the time, but that we can rarely listen in on: starting a business.”

-Alex Blumberg

If you’ve ever wondered how a business gets off the ground and finds investors, check out Startup. It’s incredibly candid, fairly explicit and delightfully awkward.

Check it out here:
Startup’s Website
Download from iTunes

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