Read|Watch|Listen- My Life by Bill Clinton

I’ve decided that audiobooks are the best invention ever. And I’m pretty sure I will only read via audio for the duration of my nursing school career. I don’t have time to read anything other than textbooks, so the 10-15 minute snippets I get of books during my commuting and errands is the only way I can get any literature in. I try to read, as I used to, in bed before sleeping, but I get knocked out as soon as I put my head on the pillow (with the exception of antagonizing JB about how it’s not bedtime yet). And so I am eternally grateful to the Lee County Library for keeping interesting audiobooks in stock for me to check out and renew 3 times because I only read in 10 minute snippets.

Back in August, I went to visit my friend Emily in Little Rock. We didn’t have any set plans, just to see each other, catch up, and make each other laugh like we used to. We stayed at a cute little airbnb and explored downtown LR, stumbling upon an amazing Saturday farmer’s market and walking through the nature center for good measure.emilynature As we walked along the Riverwalk, we noticed a big party going on at the Clinton Library. Now, I would normally not want to spend $15 to get into a presidential museum, but it was for FREE, as it was Bill’s birthday on that particular day (August 19th). AND they had the Chihuly glass exhibit. If you are anywhere that offers a glimpse of Chihuly work, you should go. Mesmerizing how he creates all of his pieces.chihuly

Anyway, we walked through the museum, watched the videos, sat in the Oval Office, the works.

serious chief of staff

serious chief of staff

And can I tell you I fell in love with Mr. Bill? I was pretty little when he was in office and really only remembered the sex scandal (sorry, Bill) because that was all I heard about. But he’s the cutest little guy from small town Arkansas! Yeah, he messed up big time, but who am I to judge him? I just hate that his presidency is marked by that mistake because he did some pretty amazing stuff while in office (Family Medical Leave Act, low poverty rates, the most diverse cabinets, welfare improvements).

how cute is this kid?

how cute is this kid?

I went to the library after my trip to find another car book, and there was My Life ready to listen to! I immediately grabbed the first volume and Bill and I became fast friends. I loved learning about his early life in Hope and Hot Springs, how his mother worked hard to become a nurse anesthetist, his true passion for music and politics. I learned so much about what it takes to be a politician, especially one without a lot of money. I never realized how much campaigning you have to do, time on the road, away from family just to get your name out there. Even though there were times I probably spaced out on (foreign policy with Russia I have no recollection of), it was wonderful to get a backstage pass to a presidency. It confirmed for me that I never, ever, want to do politics (too many hurt feelings), but increased my admiration for everyone who is brave enough to stand up in that way.

as a young Arkansas governor

as a young Arkansas governor

Even though it was about 42 hours long (!!), I would recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in government and politics. A great book to pique the interest of young minds–I wish this was required in high school when I could not grasp all those concepts; narrative is the best way I learn.


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