Read|Watch|Listen – Snowpiercer

Ah yes, the holidays got the best of us and completely ruined our newfound blogging discipline. C’est la vie, eh? But we’re back!

[April, starting us off]


Have you heard of it?



I have literally asked everyone I’ve come into contact with over this Christmas break if they have seen it, in hopes of discussing the ins and outs, their emotions felt, etc. I was very, very sad to find out that NO ONE HAD. I implored all of them to watch it as soon as possible, but I think this is like the time I was trying to convince everyone to read The Hunger Games back in 2010. Everyone thought I was crazy to be in love with a book where kids kill kids. But now you are all in love with Katniss, I told you so. Also, don’t let the title throw you off. I get why they chose it, but it sounds a bit silly, like naming a movie “Rainslicer” or “Cloudpoker”. A name that hints at a train would have been more appropriate.

Based on the French graphic novel “La Transperceneige,” the movie follows dystopian themes in the tail-end’s quest to get to the front of the train. My preceding description makes it sound so boring, but it’s full of Tarantino-y violence (my favorite), weird, quirky characters, and a hearty backbone made of underdog heroism fighting problems that could easily become our reality.  The movie was made and produced in South Korea, and was a huge hit in that country, though many of the actors are American and 80% of the movie is in English. From what I’ve read, there was a big fight between the American distributor and the director, so the presence in America was pretty low. Netflix to the rescue! I was browsing for a movie to watch after I finished my last final and chose it, mostly because I like Chris Evans and it had the word “dystopia” in the description. I have already watched it a second time, forcing a date night to happen so I could watch JB’s reaction to it. I am sad to know it wasn’t nominated for any Academy Awards, but such is Hollywood


I first heard about Snowpiercer in Rob Carmack’s super awesome and conveniently short ebook Lost in the Flood (it’s $2.99, go buy it). I put it on my Movies-to-Watch list (I have a list for everything) and forgot about it. April then watched it while I was out of town and wouldn’t stop talking about it until I watched it. I held out for a few weeks (she’s kind of cute when she’s so insistent about something) but since it was already on my list I obliged.**

The writing is excellent. I have grown to love writing that kills main characters early or opts for the less glamorous ending, not because it feels better but because it helps me with every other story I read/hear/watch/play. How many times have you said, “He won’t die, he’s the main character,” or “They have to get together at the end or the movie wouldn’t exist.” Well thanks to writing like this, Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comics and anything from Quentin Tarantino or Joss Weedon.

If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure movie with social and political themes that will surprise you and make you think, check out Snowpiercer. It’s also a pretty great performance from Chris Evans.

**It’s important to note that I don’t consume media that wasn’t previously on one of my lists, so lobby for me to put something on my list before asking me to watch it.

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