The Land of Bluebonnets and Salsa

When at Double Decker a month ago, JB and I found a super cool Mother’s Day present for my mom, but it was large, fragile and bulky. Immediately after purchasing, I wondered out loud, “Now, how are we going to get this to her?” JB is always down for any excuse to visit the Lone Star State, so he started sputtering off plans about how we just had to get on a plane and go, using our Southwest points and boarding Dixie, etc. In my head, going to Texas is such a big deal, no matter the transportation. In a car, it’s 10 miserable hours (that we usually break up between Shreveport & Jackson), taking the Megabus is a very freezing 11 hours and leaving your car in a shady part of Memphis, and taking a plane is a lot of money, complicated to park/have a car to travel with, figure out what to do with Dixie, etc. I like to focus on all the complications and things that could go wrong while traveling, which is why I’m glad I married a guy who is more spontaneous and not burdened by small setbacks.


ever enthused, this one

So we went! Hopped on a DIRECT flight to Dallas from Memphis (PTL for banning the Wright Amendment!) on Friday morning, and took a traditional trip to Buon Giorno before hitting the road. I love going back to the place where I grew so much in the year before moving to Mississippi—learning to work with different kinds of people, figuring out what I really wanted to do, and being encouraged to grow each day I worked there. Plus, it’s the place where JB and I rekindled our relationship 🙂

the. best.

the. best.

My mom graciously got us tickets to see Josh Hamilton play with the Round Rock Express that Friday night, so we packed up and headed to Austin, amid the rest of the Memorial Day/UT Grad weekend traffic.


the best rest stop, complete with a half mile walking track

What a cool stadium! So many kids activities, places to see, things to eat, people to watch…I would much rather go to a minor league game any day of the week than be cramped in hot, sweaty seats with super intense fans. Had so much fun watching Josh play again. If you don’t know his story, watch it HERE.


watching josh

watching josh

Saturday included a trip to Barton Creek (where we basically crossed rapids), brunch at Maria’s –including a trip to the panaderia—and visiting with friends. After driving the 3 hours back home, we stopped by Spiral Diner (our fave) and had some legit vegan food on the cheap. Our weekends to Texas are usually jam packed with activities, people I need to visit, and so.much.driving., but I’m so thankful for the slower pace this time around. And my mom took us to TARGET!!! There isn’t one for a 90 mile radius around where we live, so it really was a treat.


IMG_2223Sunday we attended a service at Collective Church, a congregation started by my former youth pastor who happened to marry us. We love going to service there, but it was made even better by a potluck brunch that included ribs (#onlyintexas).  After church, we made a trek out to the new Nebraska Furniture Mart in Frisco, who was having their grand opening. Why this seemed like a good idea I’m not sure (Sunday of Memorial weekend AND a grand opening?), but we had fun elbowing our way through the crowds and marveling at all the opulence. My mom bought us both Garmin vivos while we were there, I think mostly so she has someone else to compete with for the most steps. Haha.



dream wall

dream wall


missed my mommy

We cleaned up and headed back that night, and spent the day with our friends Zac & Cassie in Memphis. They graciously gave us rides to & from the airport (!!!) and let us spend the night, so we took them out for brunch at the Blue Plate Café downtown. Best. Biscuits & Gravy. Ever.  We then did our second memorial day + grand opening experience at the new Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid. The people watching was my second favorite part, only behind our trip to the bowling alley.

the best people watching

the best people watching



bowling with a super-fast Cassie

When we finally got home and finally got our puppy back, I was missing my mommy and home state pretty badly. I’ll leave you with this ridiculous video:

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